mid length candid portrait

How's tricks?

Accurate self-appraisal being far from one of my strengths, this seems like a job better suited to anyone… anyone else. No takers? I’m a 20 year old sophomore at Saint Joseph's University, studying communication and music industry. So far I've found that communication is pretty accommodating to my creativity, as well as my somewhat unconventional method of learning and getting things done.

Music industry allows me to learn about the more technical side of what is undeniably my biggest passion. As a ravenous listener, recreational playlist curator, and amateur singer-songwriter myself, there's clearly no bigger influence on my life. My inclination towards indecisiveness prevents me from telling you specifically what I’ll be doing in five years, but I have no problem saying it’ll have something to do with music.

There's no feeling

quite like listening to a song or a mix that you immediately fall in love with for the first time. I spend a great deal of my time chasing that. In my opinion, no medium matches music in its capacity to bring out emotions in people, and that’s a big part of my absolute love and admiration for it. A song can make your day, and what’s more, it can genuinely change your life. This is why I make them myself, pay homage to great artists by covering their work, and try to build playlists that play like albums and fit a certain vibe. I rarely get more satisfaction than when I am able to show someone something they’ve never heard before, especially when it’s a song that they truly appreciate and identify with. This is all in part because I know the feeling so well myself, and in fact, I am hopelessly addicted to it.

two different guitars side by side