What you'll find below is a pretty fair and representational demo of my music within the past year. All of the songs here are original, and the recording and production is handled by yours truly. They are recorded exclusively on iPhone in an acoustic friendly environment, and the final two are produced with Garageband. The first two are in essence rough drafts from this past autumn; quick and to the point with just a verse and chorus. The audio is a bit rough, but they are more than enough to give a good impression of the song itself. The second two are full length recordings from last spring. Though the quality is certainly not streamable, the songs are finished, and listening to them provides a great idea of what they sound like live. The final two entries from this winter are notably more polished, complete with layering, condensed vocal tracks, and effect mixing. Take that with a grain of salt given the amateur status of the production, however if you plan on listening to any of these, make it one of those.

Broadway Dreams

darling you deserve the world but you don't see it though
'cause you walk around inside your head you feel alone
but you ain't got no reason to be insecure
if you saw it like I did you'd ask for so much more

the boys you're talking to you know they don't deserve ya
when they should have to put in all the work and really earn it
a girl like you should really never have to settle
but I promise you that everything is gon' get better

I know you have those broadway dreams
one day I'm sure I'm gonna see you on a magazine
and even when things get hard
trust me girl just keep your head up and you'll be a star


how could you think of me as so stupid
when half the sh*t you say to me I see right through it
you're making paths and laying roads
somewhere I don't plan to go

girl level with me
'cause I already know just what you want
instead of sneaking 'round behind my back
like such a such a

I've seen this play before
in fact I've fallen for it
but I can't stand one second more
of your rhetoric

4:30 AM

4:30 AM
my alarm wont stop ringing
and I think it's time I put my suitcase in
the back seat of that '99 accord
fill my tank with gas
and I'm on the highway north to get to you

get to you

my phone lights up the dash
you're asking if I've left
and I try and make believe
that you're all alone in your bed
I don't know who you're laying down beside
but I know it sure ain't me
even though you know I tried to get to you

get to you

when I'm with you
I know we'll be alright
it's just the moon misses his stars
when they leave him on a cloudy night
oh I
gave you everything I have
and I will not stop trying to get to you

get to you

4:30 AM
haven't slept a wink
sitting quiet on this lonesome railway bench
I'm waiting on a train
to come take me far away from here
and back to you again
it's so cold
to be parted for so long
with your whole heart and your home
and we've both made mistakes
I just wanted you to know
that I will do all that it takes to get to you

get to you

chorus repeats

Untitled 3

watercolor and contour lines
are all that I see every time
I lay down and close my eyes

you know I hate to make you cry
but what else can I say
my inner dialogue can't make up it's f*cking mind

part of me misses being numb
and they say ignorance is bliss
I guess I also miss being dumb lately

absence makes the heart grow fonder
time heals everything
but I can't buy that sh*t much longer
those words don't mean a thing to me

absence makes the heart forget
and time just makes it worse
love shouldn't come down to
who will give up first

I can't remember when things weren't hard
and you should know it breaks my heart
to be so uncertain every time we part

I like to think that I'm all hers
but it's so hard to find the words
to describe how we ain't who we thought we were

part of her misses being free
and I wonder all the time
if she'd be better off without me

chorus repeats

Never Lied

maybe you think it's all my fault
but that doesn't change how you act around me
tell me what i should be sorry for

and after all it was never me
who was on your mind as I laid by you
with your legs wrapped around me on your sheets

I guess I'm sorry I wasn't someone else
and believe it or not most of the time
I wish the same thing myself

you don't know me
and to be honest nor do I
and we're both so beyond the point
to even wanna try
you say I'm empty
you say I'm dead inside
I don't know what to tell you baby

at least I never lied x2

we were always flexible
the way you tied in knots all on me
and how I always cleared my schedule

you told me you were more than just a friend
I didn't see it but how convenient
that my time always served your benefit

so I'm not sorry I left you all alone
even when you keyed my car
and left a million voicemails on my phone

chorus repeats

Tell Me I'm Wrong

you know it's not
bad as it seems
until it is then oh
what does that mean

we made it last
and we pulled so hard
but maybe it's time to learn
it ain't what you want love
it's who you are

tell me I'm wrong
'cause I don't wanna be
right this time around
you were supposed to be the one
so take it back girl and hold me down
you were supposed to be the one

four state lines six hours time
is all that's keeping us apart
but girl you know you're never
so far from my mind

can't have your cake
and eat it too
so maybe it's time to learn
there ain't much more that we can do

chorus x2

It would be near impossible for me to explain my motivation in writing these without spilling my life story to you, and I think we can agree that no one wants that. Additionally, if I were to tell you exactly what each song is about it would totally take away your freedom to interpret it for yourself. Far be it from me to deprive any listener of their freedom. That said, I record and share them because it is my genuine hope that they will be enjoyed by others who can in some way relate to the haphazard unpacking of my thoughts and feelings.