Nicholas Shisler


Professional Statement

To start, music has been an absolutely integral part of my life since before I can remember. I know that many people would say the same, and I don’t doubt that in the least, rather that’s a fact that gives me hope for humanity. That being said, nothing in my life has ever resonated with me quite the same way (no pun intended). From my father’s vinyl, Dylan and Zeppelin B-sides, my mother’s Gillespie and Coltrane, to my sister’s early 2000’s Timberlake and Gorillaz, I absorbed all of it.

I got my first hand-me-down Walkman when I was six years old because I became unable to live without it at an astonishing rate, and that has not changed to this day, quite the contrary. To that end, I feel that it is unarguable that music is one of the most amazing and beautiful accomplishments of man, and nothing makes me happier than finding people that share that belief. It’s for that reason that I personally make it a point to try to connect people with music that interests them. Giving is a gift in and of itself, and though songs are immaterial, the experiences that we have with them and the significance of them in our lives are invaluable.

That’s why little is more satisfying to me than when I make a recommendation that really hits home for someone, or when someone genuinely appreciates my own work (likely far more of a stretch). Equally gratifying is the discovery of something new, and that’s why I listen to music constantly, write music regularly, and am always making mixtapes and playlists that are diverse and play like albums, including both the mainstream and the obscure. I make it a point to share these with people who I know are interested, or who would enjoy them, and though the results are as yet intangible (besides the occasional cut of the door), you can’t really put a price tag on the rush of falling in love with a song or a mix for the first time.


  • Grand opening two night set, The Burger Shop, Souderton PA, March 2019
  • Weekly acoustic patio sessions, Caruso Brick Oven Trattoria, Souderton PA, Summer 2018
  • Fall Fest student opener, 1851 Entertainment, Philadelphia PA, November 2017
  • Live instrumental background, Villa Vito, Harleysville PA, New Year's Eve 2016
  • Acoustic service instrumentals for the weddings of Amanda Desimone and Breanna Matczak


  • B.A. Communication & Music Industry in progress, Saint Joseph’s University, September 2017 - Present
  • High School Diploma, Souderton Area Senior High School, September 2013 - June 2017


  • guitar/vocals
  • lyric writing/recording
  • live setup/performing experience
  • amateur production/mixing
  • music theory/learn-by-ear
  • artist/playlist curation